About Us

Quality VR games for all.

We aim to please by building highly optimised VR games.
Games that run at 60 FPS even on average mobile phones!

Great VR

Our games are written from the ground up for mobile VR with animated full body avatars and natural feeling VR user interfaces and controls. This increases your chances of achieving good immersion with your hardware.


We're obsessive about optimizing our games so we can make bigger worlds while holding full frame rate. No need to wait 5 years for mobile tech to advance... the tech is plenty strong enough already, come with us... we'll timewarp you to the future of mobile VR for some proper hardcore gaming.

Quality Assurance

We leave that to you; our games are always available as free demos. Run the demo on your device and buy the full game only if you are satisfied with the performance. No ads, no nonsense, just great games that you deserve!

Bespoke Solutions

We are available to produce custom VR games for client companies and individuals. Full asset licensing and source code is included. Contact us with your idea.

MechZ Dev Video - GearVR/DayDream 2018 release

GalaxyVR Game Promo Video


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Reviews & Awards

Android Authority - GalaxyVR featured in "Best 15 cardboard games for 2017."

VR Kommando - GalaxyVR review.

Reality Sandwich - GalaxyVR review.

VR Index - Silicon Droid.

Twitter - Silicon Droid.

GalaxyVR User Reviews

Everything I'd hoped for and more! I challenge other developers to come up with something this immersive.(pretty please?!) I just spent a couple of hours playing a Google Cardboard game. That's not a typo. A couple of hours. I'd love for someone to name another Cardboard game that can provide that kind of entertainment. Go ahead. I'm waiting. Better yet, just show me an actual "game". I've been waiting on something like this for a while now. I know that PS4 and Occulus Rift are ready to hit in a big way, but the real future is in Mobile VR.

Tim Oakley

GooglePlay review for GalaxyVR Full Game

Game changer. This game blew me away. This is what I've been waiting for my whole gaming life. A VR space shooter that feels incredibly life like. I can't get over the presence. If this is the demo, I can't wait for the official title.

Steve Reed

GooglePlay review for GalaxyVR Demo

I feel like a pilot out in space! The fact that my head movements aren't tethered to the movement of the ship is a HUGE PLUS. Unlike all the other space flight games, this game sticks the player inside the cockpit (with a fully modeled avatar) where you're free to look around, and pilot the ship via a game controller - it's fantastic. The different layers of HUDs and maps and holograms floating inside the cockpit are a sight to behold and truly add to the experience. Cannot wait to see where this demo goes! S5 in Carl Zeiss VR one, with PS3 pad.

Alexander Limpin

GooglePlay review for GalaxyVR Demo